Zara Set To Open Their First Click-And-Collect

Zara is set to open its first ever store primarily devoted to click-and-collect orders. Designed to cater for the ordering and collecting of online products, Zara will open their 2150sq ft shop in the heart of Stratford City’s Westfield.

Whilst the brands flagship store in the shopping centre is being renovated to account for their revolutionary service, they will open a pop-up store for click-and-collect orders. After the renovation, the store will offer different selections of men’s and women’s clothing for online purchase, as well as the rest of the brand’s ranges. The store will feature an automated online order collection service point, manned by a robot that has the capability of simultaneously handling 2,400 packages.

Not only is Zara revolutionising deliveries within the industry, they are also changing the customer experience in-store via implementing a product recommendation system in-store that is based on information screens embedded into mirrors.

The chairman and chief executive of Zara’s parent company, Inditex, Pablo Isla said the two stores “marked another milestone” in Zara’s strategy of integrating stores with the online world.