Why To Consider Freelancing

In an ever-changing economic landscape, businesses are investigating cost effective and savvy ways to reach company goals and objectives. In many cases, this means employing freelancers to see out projects. As defined by the English Oxford Dictionary, a freelancer is an individual who is self-employed and hired to work for different companies on particular assignments. With many top companies now turning to employing freelancers, it could be time to consider the working alternative. Here’s some reasons to consider freelancing.

Flexible Schedule
Freelancing gives individuals the opportunity to work the hours they wish to work. You can manage your schedule in accordance to any other commitments you have during the week.

Work To Your Strengths
Not only will your schedule be tailored to your demands, but the actual work you undergo can be too. For example, if you’re a strong Pattern Cutter, but not too savvy with CAD cutting, you can tailor the work you accept to make sure there is no ‘tech’ cutting involved. Being a freelancer means you decide who you work with; if you don’t feel you are compatible with a client or a certain area of work, there’s no obligation for long term commitment.

The Worlds Your Office
Tired of delayed trains or heavy traffic? Worry no more; freelancing gives you the option to work in any location you wish. Working from a coffee shop or library can give you a refreshing change of scenery, helping you refocus your energy on your assignments.

No Cap On Earnings
As an employee, you have relatively little say in your wage. If you’re looking for a pay rise, you are normally expected to take greater working responsibilities. As a freelancer, the ball is more in your court. Not only do you have the option to negotiate the price for your assistance with the client, you can also work more or less hours per week meaning your pay isn’t really capped at an amount like it is with permanent employability. Remember though, if your demands are too high, it may cause your client to look elsewhere; so be sensible with your price tag.

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