What To Ask Yourself Before Making A Career Move

We all have bad days at the office now and again. But if you’re having a bad couple of months, or even year, it could be time to consider whether it’s the company or your career that’s making you unhappy. Here are three key questions to ask yourself to ensure you’re making the correct choice.

How Could I Make My Job More Enjoyable?
Try making a list of things that would need to happen for your job to be more fulfilling. If after making the list, you see that a lot of your frustration is coming from circumstantial factors, speak to your line manager or the HR department and see if you can change your situation. It’s important to make sure your unhappiness is stemming from the workplace and not elsewhere. One of the biggest regrets people find when leaving their job is that, in the end, it was not the causal reason for their negative feelings.

Am I In The Right Industry?
Sometimes, a wage package with extraordinary benefits isn’t enough when you’re in the wrong industry. You could have a good manager, an easy commute and a competitive salary, yet still be unsatisfied because the actual work you’re doing isn’t engaging. Try to remember what you wanted to do with your life and where you expected to be at present. Consider whether your current job is assisting you on your journey and if it’s not, contemplate a changeup.

Have I Given 110%?
One can often find a level of boredom in their role; whether it’s admin work or even trivial responsibilities, we’re made to carry out day-to-day, negative feelings build up and can be harshly associated to the role as a whole. So, instead of simply quitting at this point, ask to take on new responsibilities; leverage the skills you’ve picked up during your time in the position and venture into new tasks. This way, the job does not stagnate, and you’re constantly presented with new challenges.

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