The Most Interesting Interview Questions We Have Ever Heard

As fashion continues it’s growth as a competitive industry amongst its applicants, hiring managers are finding more creative ways to question their candidates. So, to help give you an idea on how to tackle the most challenging queries, we sat down with our consultants to find out some of the most interesting interview questions they’ve heard.

Why should we choose you over the other interviewees?
A derivative from popular interview questions about your personality, however, this asks you to combine your qualities with the demands of the role. Interviewers are looking for you to indentify a unique selling point about yourself. Maybe include an antidote of a time when you have gone the extra mile in your career history.

Can I read your handwriting?
Yes, one of our consultants has had their hand-writing analysed in an interview. If you’re faced with a situation like this, do not try and change your handwriting to something you think they will like. We recently read that ‘messy’ handwriting is actually a sign of intelligence; however that doesn’t mean scribble something down on a piece of paper to seem intelligent. Stay calm and continue being yourself.

What do you look for in a good manager?
This is a very tough question, especially as the interviewer may well be your future manager. However, use this question to show how imperative certain qualities within a team are. Interviewers want to see an understanding of the importance of communication and how a strong leader can really develop the success of a team.

How would your friends describe you?
Here, interviewers want to see if your description of how others perceive you is in line with the brand culture. Getting the job doesn’t always rely on your experience and skills; it also comes down to whether you are a right fit for the company.

How would you turn a weakness into a strength?
We’ve all heard the obvious, “What’s your biggest weakness?” however this question asks you to go slightly further. Hiring managers are looking for you to identify a weakness and look for guidance on how to improve this quality. Showing willingness to learn from others in areas you are weak in is a great quality to have.

What would you do if you didn’t get this job?
Interviewers are looking at how you deal with obstacles and failures so be sure to address this. Show that you will bounce back and that you don’t let one failure decide your fate. Explain that you always look for feedback so that you can learn from your mistakes to constantly improve yourself. This shows ambition and integrity; key qualities within fashion.

If you were an animal, what would you be?
There is no right or wrong answer to this; as long as you can tie your answer into your best qualities in an intellectual way, you’ll be more than ok. Hiring managers use this question as a way of understanding the type of person you are without asking blatant questions.

How would you deal with a confrontational situation between yourself and an employee?
It is important here to show that you’re empathetic towards your fellow colleagues and you can cooperate with your surroundings. Interviewers are looking to see your problem solving skills so give examples of confrontational times you have had by providing examples of suitable solutions.

In a game of rock, paper, scissors, what would you choose?
The psychology of an old fashioned game of RPS. Whilst you could dwell on the many different explanations of choosing rock over scissors we say, like the game, go with your gut. As long as you have a good follow-up to back up your choice, feel free to give any of the three options.... except for paper.... no one chooses paper.