The Best De-Stressing Items To Have At Your Desk

One of the most common places to feel stressed is the workplace; whether it's troubles you’ve experienced on your commute, too many deadlines, or just one big deadline, 8 hours at your desk can be challenging at times. So, continuing our attention to Stress Awareness Month, we’ve picked out some great de-stressing items to have at your desk.

Green Tea Out, Lemon Balm In
Lemon balm has a very calm and soothing effect on the body. Most commonly known for its mood lifting properties, lemon balm tea also helps relieve daily tensions. Be sure to have this within reach for when ever you’re having ‘one of those days’.

Lavender Plant
Not only will a small pot of lavender on your desk make you feel like you’re almost working in a botanical garden, it also has amazing stress-relieving benefits. Simply by smelling the plant, it can help with headache pains, depression and tension between muscles.

Rose Essential Oil
Made by extracting Rosa Damascena, rose essential oil contains several therapeutic compounds that promote healing in the body and have stress relieving qualities. Not only does the oil smell soothing and relaxing, but it can be applied to the pressure points around the body to help aid stress and anxiety. Keep a small bottle of this by your desk and apply it throughout the day.

Sip Your Stress Away
Simply put, if you’re feeling stressed at work it could be because you’re dehydrated. All of our organs need water to function; without water, we fall prey to dehydration. Studies have shown that cortisol levels largely increase when we are as little as a half a litre dehydrated. Don’t underestimate the crucial role played by water in your health and with your stress levels. If you find water boring, try using a fruit infusing water bottle to add flavour to your drink. We love cucumber water and all its healthy benefits...