How To Work through this Winter Weather


The ‘Beast from the East’ won’t be getting us down! Here are our winter hacks to keep you going through this cold spout...

1. Driving to work? Spray your car windows with 3:1 ratio of vinegar and water. Whilst it won’t stop the snow, it will stop ice from setting.
2. Where possible, park your car facing east and let the sun do the hard work for you.
3. Working from home? Ensure all of your doors are closed to keep the heat inside each room.
4. When it’s this cold, don’t moisturise – use face oil. With its small particles, a good face oil will really nourish dry and inflamed skin. We like Pai’s Rosehip Bioregernatre Oil, £22.
5. Commuting? Our go to shoe brand is Sorel. From a sturdy snow boot to an informal working heel, their shoes are reliable, waterproof and definitely won’t let the snow slow you down.
6. Drink sloe gin, it will warm you from the inside out – not advised during working hours.

If all else fails, it will all be over by Sunday and Spring is just around the corner; is anybody else dreaming of basket bags and espadrilles?

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