How To Prepare For An Interview

Throughout January we have suggested free courses to boost your profile and identified the best ways to refresh your CV. Now, in the next stage to kick-starting your January 2018, we delve into the impending preparation of an interview.

Firstly, Do Your Research
Never walk into an interview without conducting research on both your potential employer and the role you have applied for. Of course this will vary based on the job, however as a rule of thumb, always start with reading up on the company’s mission, ethos and values, as well as familiarising yourself with the job description. Once you have detailed knowledge of the organisation and role to which you are applying, you should begin to think of your experience and examples within the context of the job and the company.

Know Your Application
You must be familiar with your CV and Cover Letter. Interviewers will ask you to go into more detail about specific roles you have performed and skills you bring to the company. Ensure that you can speak sincerely and knowledgeably about your entire application so you are not caught off-guard. Know your achievements and know what you want them to find out about you. It’s crucial to be able to speak elaborately about your successes and exemplify how you achieved them.

Look Into Questions And Gather Responses
Forward thinking about likely areas of questioning is a key part to your interview preparation. Many interviewers ask questions related to your impact at your present company or request a summary of your relevant career history so this is a good place to start. Employers will be looking for examples of how you meet the technical and personality requirements of the job. Although you will not know the exact questions you will be asked, you will be able to create an arsenal of thought through responses that will splice your experience with the requirements of the job.
NB. It is a common question for employers to question your potential weaknesses. Whilst no one likes discussing this, it is prudent to be well equipped to address the matter. Whether it is a skill, limited experience in an area or a big step up, be honest. If you lie, employers may well see through this and question your self awareness.

Role Play With Our Consultants
Don’t underestimate the power of role playing your upcoming interview with someone else. Ask your consultant to run through a mock interview with you. Practice your responses out loud, in a credible and concise fashion. Take feedback from your mock interviewer and adjust the responses where needed.

Prepare Relevant Questions
Interviews should always be a two way process. They are not an interrogation on your working life; whilst employers want to find out more about yourself, you should take this time to find out more about the company you wish to join. Don’t ask questions for the sake of asking questions; really show interest in the company you want to be a part of. Remember; as much as you want the job, they may want you more so think of this part as a chance to find out more about them and your role.

Lastly, Be Yourself!
Never conform to something you aren’t, simply to get a job; if you can’t be yourself in the workplace then the role is not for you. Preparation, practice and bringing your genuine skills and motivation to the table are the most crucial elements to successfully navigating a job interview.

If you have a forthcoming job interview and you’re still feeling uneasy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Whether we helped you get the interview or not, one of our specialists would be happy to run through any concerns you might have.

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