How To Keep Up Your New Year Resolutions

Approximately 80% of all New Year resolutions are broken before the second week of February whilst just 8 percent of us actually achieve our turn-of-the-year vows. So, as we approach the statistically doomed period, we look at ways to maintain your resolutions.

Understand And Plan
There needs to be reasoning behind your resolutions, they cannot be a haphazard thought as they will be broken very easily. People that set realistic, thought through resolutions are the people that will complete their goals. Whether it’s because you’ve just busted out of your best trousers or trying to run a marathon, set your goals inline with a cause and refer to when you’re tempted to break your resolutions. It's not too late to start drawing your goals with a realistic timeline. Not only will this trigger new motivation to keep your resolutions, but it will also give you a rational pathway to achieving your goals.

Announce Your Goals
Don’t keep your resolutions to yourself; make sure you tell people. That way, it’s a public commitment and you may feel you have a community supporting you. Also, no one wants to publically humiliate themselves by dropping their resolutions a month in! We recommend telling your office. You see your colleagues everyday and can motivate each other throughout the year. You could even use social media to make your goal public. Update your followers with what you’re trying to achieve and give them updates. People may offer their support and motivation in times of need.

Something To Lose
Be sure to have forfeits in place if you were to deviate from your resolutions. This could mean giving a trusted friend or relative £100 until you reach your goal or something more formal and formatted. Try the website, where you make financial pledges that you lose if you do not reach your goal.

Something To Gain
Finally, allow yourself treats and incentives to keep yourself going until you complete your goal. Whether its buying those dreamy shoes at the end of the month, or having a chocolate bar at the end of the day, small mulligan’s can go a long way to keeping on track with your goals.

Ultimately, remember why you made your resolution and use that power of thought as your willpower.