How To Get Back To Work

The summer is never long enough; one minute you could be sipping a piña colada on the beach and the next, sitting on a delayed train to work playing catch up on emails. As we approach the season change and the end of summer, now is the time of year to take the opportunity to refocus your objectives and goals.

Returning From Your Summer Holiday…

Early Bird Catches The Worm
Having the right mindset is key to getting back into your daily work routine. Try to get an early night the night before you’re due back and get into the office a little early. Being well rested with a refreshed mind-set is fundamentally important when going back to work.

Email Organisation
You’re probably going to fire up your computer to find multiple emails awaiting action in your inbox. Don’t wade through without a plan; set up folders for emails that need an immediate response and emails that have less of a priority. This way, you’re automatically ranking your tasks in priority and can start to work through them in the correct manner.

Communicate with Colleagues
After organising your inbox, be sure to catch up with your team. This will allow you to visit anything that you’ve missed whilst you’ve been away and see where you stand with ongoing tasks.

How To Get To The End Of The Year

Firstly, Is the Job Right?
Something you must consider is whether you are actually excited about returning to your job. If you’re not you will find it very difficult to motivate yourself to complete work you have missed. Consider whether the role is right for you and if not, use the opportunity as a fresh start.

Set Goals
Be sure to make a four-month plan that strategically outlines the tasks and targets that are needed to be completed by the end of the year. This will give your last months in the office the structure and organisation needed to be on track come the new year.

Revisit your last appraisal and take note of the goals you set yourself to complete by the end of the year. If needed, redefine your objectives and outline how they can be achieved

If you’ve come back from your summer break with no motivation and no enthusiasm, it may be time to begin the job search. Simply send an up to date CV to [email protected] and one of our esteemed consultants will be in touch.