How To Deal With Difficult Colleagues

The workplace can be difficult at times; whether it’s a rude colleague, an arrogant boss or an unhappy customer, it’s important to be able to deal with different situations and maintain working relationships. So, if there are some difficult people in your workplace, here are some tips to help you work with them.

Everyone Has A Bad Day
When you feel people are being unfair or behaving rudely, remember that we’re all human and have our off days. This may lead people to act in ways they wouldn’t be happy with upon reflection. Patience and time with individuals is key to maintaining a relationship; rather than try to fight fire with fire, make sure that everything is OK and offer them support.

Understand Their Intentions
In a perfect world, one would hope that people are not being difficult for the sake of being difficult. Someone you feel is out to get you may have underlying reasons motivating them to behave in such way. Try to identify their triggers and try to resolve the situation cooperatively.

Treat Others How You Wish To Be Treated
No one likes to be treated with incompetence and disrespect and if you treat others in this way, don’t be surprised if they treat you the same. As the golden rule says, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Build A Rapport
In a technological world of emails, computers and messaging systems, sometimes we can lose that human interaction with colleagues causing relationships to inevitably suffer; re-light that connection by communicating on a personal level with them. Obviously, it’s very time consuming to approach colleagues on every matter you encounter, however, try to set some time aside to get to know them outside the workplace.

Always get perspective from others
Getting another opinion on a situation is always important; asking other colleagues, friends or family will give you an unbiased view of the circumstance and allow you to see the situation from a different angle. You may well find some golden advice….

If all fails, go to HR
This is the last resort; if an individual is being particularly difficult and you’ve tried everything to be civil, go to either your line manager or your HR team to resolve the issue. Sometimes, going to higher authority is the only way to resolve issues.