Celebrating Victoria Beckham

Not only is it her 44th birthday today but Victoria Beckham is also about to enter her 10 year existence within fashion. We could not think of a more appropriate time to cast our mind back to the key moments that turned the former ‘Posh Spice’ into one of apparel’s most elegant designers.

Her First Collection
As the feeling of scepticism fell amongst gathered fashion journalists in a suite of the Waldorf Hotel on a September day in 2008, Victoria Beckham sat nervously back stage preparing for her primary Ready-to-Wear collection. Not only did the low-key show, consisting of ten dresses, stun the fortunate audience watching, it also sparked the beginning of a voluminous relationship between the Beckham brand and the realms of fashion. Reviews were glowing with Vogue saying, “The woman formerly known as Posh Spice has launched a dress collection, and, believe it or not, it’s one of the hottest things going in New York this week.” Sarah Bailey, then deputy-editor of Harper’s Bazaar also commented that the show was “an extraordinary presentation, [and she] was very sweetly nervous and humble. She talked through this collection of dresses with such incredible conviction and you could almost feel hearts and minds being melted as we were sitting there. The progress from there has been meticulous and impressive.”

Launch of Victoria, Victoria Beckham (VVB)
In 2011, Victoria Beckham launched Victoria; a companion line to her main Victoria Beckham Ready-to-Wear collection that was presented at New York Fashion Week. The prestigious designer visualised the concept whilst pregnant with her daughter, Harper. The initial collection showcased a range of upbeat, fanciful dresses detailed with exciting, flirty prints. Designed to show the more caring side to her personality, the Victoria line offers softer silhouettes and a playful fashion perspective at a much more affordable price.

36 Dover Street Store Opening
Following the incredible success of the Victoria Beckham website launch in 2013, the British fashion designer opened her first stand-alone store at 36 Dover Street, London. The three-storey space in the heart of Mayfair, designed by multi-award-winning London-based architect Farshid Moussavi, combined refined materials and artisanal craftsmanship with the modern design language the brand is so well known for. The store boasts a flexible interior to accommodate installations, events and collection developments.

British Fashion Awards, Brand of the Year 2014
In homage to the continual success Victoria Beckham and her businesses were enjoying, the mother of four won the Brand of the Year for the second time in 2014. Originally winning the award in 2011, Victoria told the crowd in her acceptance speech, "I am so so proud to be British and incredibly proud to have built my brand in the UK. I want to thank my team. I love you all so much and this is for all of you...David, you inspire me every day. You support me. You make this possible. I adore you and my children. And my parents, you love me unconditionally - and I know I am a pain in the bottom". We hear it received the “biggest cheer of the night". Notably, the award recognised the significant impact Victoria had mad on the international stage using dynamic campaigns and her successful online presence.

SS17 New York Fashion Week Show
On a hot September day in the Big Apple, 500 attendees waited patiently at the Cunard Buliding in New York for Victoria Beckham’s SS17 collection. The entire collection was a breath of fresh air and signified the development of the Victoria Beckham Brand. Each season, she claims to try new designs and in 2016 this meant relaxation. Previously seen out and about in slouchy pyjama-style trousers, the illustrious designer boasted an effortless collection that will go down as one of her best; think unfastened jackets, silk dresses and pleated skirts that had a looser, fluid feel to them.

Continuing to distance herself from the wiggle dresses and sharp silhouettes of her early days, we can’t wait to see what Victoria Beckham has stored for her SS19 collection; her first show to be shown in her home, London. Happy Birthday Victoria!