7 Words to Avoid in an Interview

Interviews can be a particularly stressful time for people. From knowing what to wear to knowing what to say, it’s important you understand the professionalism needed for a successful interview. Here, we delve into the words not to use in an interview; after all, first impressions are everything.

Try to avoid using such negative language in your interview, especially if you’re talking about previous employers or colleagues. Employers like to see that you’re a team player with high professionalism; talking badly about previous work encounters won’t overly impress your interviewer.

When speaking about your strengths, avoid calling yourself a ‘perfectionist’. These types of descriptions used in an interview are very cliché and will have been heard many times by the interviewer; stick out from the crowd and expand on your strengths.

You know
A common phrase used in an interview is ‘you know’. Presuming the interviewer knows what you’re saying may leave a margin of unclarity to what you truly do mean. It also shows that you’re looking for a level of acceptance which can be deemed weak by the interviewer; be confident in your answers and clearly explain your points.

Don’t make the conversation about what you need from your potential employer. This is a time for you to show what you can do for them, talking selfishly about your demands could highlight a high-maintenance candidate that lacks communal skills.

Swear words
Although we may be stating the obvious here, it’s important to stay professional; refrain from using slang and swear words in your interview.

Um and Like
Filler words can become overused and annoying in interviews. Using such words shows a lack of confidence or preparation. Give yourself a few seconds to digest the question and formulate a relevant answer.

Hiring managers and potential employers dislike hearing the word ‘nervous’. Telling them this, shows that you lack confidence in yourself, which isn’t a desirable quality for a hireable candidate. Stay positive with yourself and back your talent.