6 Apps To Stay Organised

The days of sticky notes and hand-written checklists are behind us. In a world surrounded by technology, it seems we turn to our mobile devices for all assistance. So, it only makes sense to round up some of the best organisational apps to enhance efficiency - personally and professionally .

24Me is your 360-degree personal assistant. Keeping your calendar, personal accounts, notes and lists in one place, 24Me manages and tracks your daily tasks. Not only does this smart app remind you about birthdays or paying your bills, it will even notify you when you need to leave for a meeting based on the current traffic news.
Android and iOS – Free

A very easy app to use, Wunderlist allows users to create several different lists that can be easily shared with colleagues. Users can also make notes and comments on the lists eliminating any pointless phone calls between colleagues.
Android and iOS – Free

Minimalising your day, hour-by-hour, is a fantastic way to stay organised and effective throughout the day. That’s exactly what Hours does, with it even sending out reminders for project deadlines.
Android and iOS – Free

Expensify allows users to keep track of all their income and outgoings. Not only does the platform allow you to record spending, it also allows you to take pictures of your receipts and store them in convenient folders. No longer will your days be taken up with hours of business expenses. 
Android and iOS – Free

Google Drive
The worlds most used professional app, Google Drive is an all-round organisational application that allows users to access, edit and share spreadsheets, documents, calendars and even emails all through a cloud-based system. It also gives users the ability to easily work on the go, a much-desired function to all employees lives.
Android and iOS – Free

If you can’t remember any of your passwords, LastPass is the app for you. Security protected, all you need to do is remember your main password to gain access to all those important login details.
Android and iOS – Free