5 Free Courses To Boost Your CV

A new year always follows with new plans filled with resolutions to improve ourselves holistically. Whether you’re looking for a new challenge, something to focus on or a possible new career avenue, we have researched the best free online courses that will not only refresh your CV but also kick-start your 2018.

Basic HTML
Course by: Code Academy
Duration: Ongoing
Qualification: Own certification

The technological world is changing and understanding code is one of the most priceless skills one can have. The word coding can often send a shiver down one’s spine with many thinking it’s the language reserved for the technologically advanced. In reality, coding is about knowing a fairly simple system that everyone from fashion bloggers to journalists to eBay sellers are using regularly today. Code Academy offer brilliant courses that will help you grasp the coding basics and more. They are a highly regarded and recognised learning tool and having tried and tested, we can say their courses are extremely beneficial.

Analysing and Visualising data with Excel
Course by: Microsoft (via edX)
Duration: 6 weeks (2-4 hours per week)
Qualification: Microsoft certification

Excel is used in the everyday functioning of most workplaces and is a software that everyone thinks they know but most likely, don’t. It is relatively straight-forward interface once you have a grasp of the basics, however it can be tricky to start out with. From merchandisers, marketeers, store managers to CEO’s, Excel is an asset to any business and is a tool that we should all be well versed in. Furthermore, we often find that clients struggle to find candidates with strong Excel skills so having this course on your CV might just make you the preferred candidate when up against stiff competition.

N.B The course itself is free however Microsoft charge a fee of approximately £40 for a paper certificate.

Inbound Marketing
Course by: Hubspot Academy
Duration: Video 4.5 hours (slightly longer needed for assessments)
Qualification: Own certification
Inbound Marketing is something that all businesses are interested in. Hubspot’s offering teaches you the digital marketing basics; SEO, blogging, conversion analysis, reporting and more. Specifically, a course in inbound marketing can not only make you appealing to start-ups looking to grow their businesses but also learning the fundamentals is beneficial for a well-rounded CV. This course is easy to follow, with short video lectures and a quiz at the end of each block. Also use this course to brush up on your terminologies to aid a lasting impression on your potential employer.

Customer Service
Course by: Vision2Learn
Duration: 9-11 weeks (suggested study 10 hours per week)
Qualification: Level 2 nationally accredited certification

This course is a little longer however the skills acquired are second to none. Good customer service skills are beneficial across the board and not specific to any role. Not only does this course help improve communication with customers, it also teaches employees how they should treat their colleagues. Having this little gem on your CV will show employers that you understand and respect communication etiquette in the workplace, and that you can be trusted with clients. We think this is a great course that teaches excellent transferable skills.

Social Media Marketing and Analytics
Course by: Quintly
Duration: 8 hours (approximately)
Qualification: Quintly Certification

Social Media is not going away and employers are increasingly looking for a specific skill set to grow the popular marketing channel. Understanding and reporting on social media are skills that are very sought after in the modern age. Quintly, industry leaders in Social Media analytics, are offering their first free social media analytics online course. The basic principles of social media are covered as well as in depth explanations of how to use analytics and how to report on them. As well as downloadable content to take away with you, Quintly also offer a certification at the end of the course. If you are completely new to social media or simply interested in the marketing tool, we recommend visiting the ‘GCF Learn For Free’ site before trying to complete the Quintly course.