Has there ever come a time where you’ve looked into your wardrobe and thought ‘I have noclothes’, when that is clearly not the case? Yet we continue to shop on our endless quest for the perfect wardrobe, waiting for the day we can finally sit back and feel satisfied with our selection. Well the truth is, that day will never arrive, not by this means anyway. How can we expect to be content when we are constantly wanting? Perhaps it’s time to try something new, to strip back.

This is where the capsule wardrobe comes in; a sustainable, modern approach to fashion that aims to simplify your wardrobe by whittling it down to a few key, much-loved items. It’s all about quality over quantity. This begins with a goold ole ‘out with the old in with the new’ spring clean. Keep hold of the clothes that make you happy and say goodbye to the rest. Once that weight has been lifted off, you are now in a position to assess what you have and what you actuallyneed. Everyone has different ideas about how many items a capsule wardrobe should consist of, 25 - 50 pieces is standard, but you can use your own initiative. The key is to choose items that you can mix and match, ones that suit your personal aesthetic and lifestyle. The pros?

1. It's environmentally friendly

By focusing on your own unique style, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the latest fleeting trends, and this benefits both your bank account and the environment. By eliminating the ‘need’ to keep purchasing clothes, we break this shopping habit and stop buying into fast fashion unnecessarily. When we whittle it down to a few items, we can justify spending a little more on quality goods that will last a long time, usually up to ten years.

2. It takes the stressin’ out of dressing

Getting changed in the morning shouldn’t be stressful, but it can often be a pretty trying way to start the day, mostly because it is time consuming. With a build up of clothes, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees so it takes time to piece things together. We have a limited amount of daily decision-making power, so narrowing down our clothing options allows us to reserve some mental energy for more important choices throughout the day.

3. It boosts your mood

To some fashionistas, the thought of limiting your wardrobe to a few items may seem counterintuitive, but capsule wardrobes are proof that less is more. In fact, you are more likely to wear a greater variety of outfits, as you can see what you have to choose from. You don’t have to sift through your wardrobe past all the clothes that no longer fit or flatter you, everything you own looks good and feels good. We always feel most confident when we’re wearing our favorite clothes. Therefore, a capsule wardrobe allows you to feel confident everyday, as you only have your favourites to choose from.

If you’re ready for a wardrobe reset, author, TV host and renowned tidying expert Marie Kondo has got some great top tips on where to start. Who knows? This new wardrobe detox may be the economical, environmental, stylish solution we’ve all been searching for.


Published By
Ruth Mullan